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Upair One G10 4k Drone

Upair One G10 4k Drone

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Brand name: UPair Version: Upair One 4K Total Weight: 1350g Wheelbase: 355mm Remote Controller Communication Range (in open areas): 1000m. Working Frequency: 2.4G FPV Maximum Communication Range (in open areas): 600M. Working Frequency: 5.8G Propeller: 9450,match DJI Phantom3 propeller Motors: 2212 Maximum Ascending Velocity: 3m/s Maximum Descending Velocity: 1.8m/s Maximum Tilting Angle: 45°/s Maximum Horizontal Speed (in GPS Mode): 12m/s Hovering Accuracy (During a Safe Flight): Vertical:1m. Horizontal: 1.6m Duration of Auto-hover: Full-load (1280g): 16min; Aircraft alone (1085g): 16min Flying duration Full-load(1350g): 19mins; Tips before/during a flight: *1 Please read the manual carefully before operating the drone. *2 Choose a wild open area, no trees,no tall buildings, with less magnetic interference flying environment. *3 Before take-off, search at least 8 satellites to get a full GPS lock for the departure point, always under "Position Hold" mode. *4 Don't fly indoor. *5 Don't charge the drone battery and the controller battery at the same time. *6 Choose a class10 high speed Micro SD card, size 16G or 32G. *7 After receive aircraft, please carefully check all the component and accessories are included and workable in the packaging box. *8 Before flying, pls take about 1.5 hours to charge your battery to full. *9 Controller self calibration often can avoid many flight issue. *10 Any question, please contact seller "YY Drone" for UPair Customer Service. *11 Enter the order page, click contact seller "YY Drone" if you need any tech support. Packing List: 1x UPair One Drone body 1x Gimbal+Camera 1x Drone Battery 1x Drone battery charger 1x RC battery 1x RC battery charger 1x Remote controller+FPV Monitor 2 set x Propellers 1x User Manual 1x Quick start guide

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