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Starlight Hand Mixer | Egg Beater

Starlight Hand Mixer | Egg Beater

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Starlight Hand Mixer is a high priority kitchen instrument. With 300W of force, it easily blends thick player in with its high force engine and additional thick silicon steel sheet development. The unadulterated copper configuration upgrades solidness. The twisting emanating blade configuration keeps the blender cool, while the five-gear speed managing capability gives you command over the blending speed.

Starlight Hand Mixer Key Features:

  • 300W high force engine.
  • Additional thick silicon steel sheet and unadulterated copper development for toughness.
  • Winding balance plan for proficient intensity dissemination.
  • Six-gear speed directing capability.
  • Key speed increase capability for the fast speed increment.

 What’s in the Box:

1 x  Hand Mixer
2 x Mixture Working Snares.
2 x Egg Beating Snares.


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