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I Call Makeup 80’s Eyeshadow Palette

I Call Makeup 80’s Eyeshadow Palette

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ell That is What I Call Cosmetics 00s Eyeshadow Range by I Heart Transformation

– I Heart Transformation are carrying back the ’00s with a definitive music and cosmetics joint effort! They’ve collaborated with unbelievable name NOW Music to present to you a blended noughties eyeshadow range
– Assuming that you survived the noughties, you generally most likely paid attention to R&B, Grime, Hip Jump or Elective Awesome music. Your hair was poker straight hair or slicked back with hair gel and you perhaps wore way a lot of bronzer…
– In any case, mid 2000s brought the iced eyeshadow frenzy! This range brings back the iced lilac shades, with a combination of mustards, boujee reds and oranges
– Besides the fact that the shades off are the graphs, the range inside has been intended to seem to be an adjuster
– Gather each of the thirty years – the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s

What’s In The Box:

  • 1x Makeup Kit
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