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Gelo Ceramic Power Sharp Knife | KC160

Gelo Ceramic Power Sharp Knife | KC160

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The precision ceramic knife of Galer brand is made of high-tech materials and oxidised incorrectly. Its Mohs hardness is 8.8, second only to diamond 10, and steel is only 5-6. All products are designed according to different uses and usage habits. Among them, the white blade and the black knife body bring people a noble and elegant taste of life.

Advantages of ceramic knives

ā€¢ The knife surface is easy to clean and not easy to stick

The knife body is slim, convenient and sensitive to use.

  • Clean and hygienic, never rust, and free from acidic corrosion of food
  • Sharp and durable, not easy to wear, useable for months or even years without sharpening knives
  • No metal ions, no metal odour, can maintain the nutrition and freshness of food.
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