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1080° Multi-Functional Faucet Aerator Rotatable | 2 Pieces Set

1080° Multi-Functional Faucet Aerator Rotatable | 2 Pieces Set

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1080° Pivoting Channel Fixture Aerator : Kitchen/restroom sink sprayer connection has 3 joints revolution at 360 degree. Helpful for dish washing, difficult to-arrive at corner sink cleaning. Free your hands in face/eye washing, tooth brushing and hair washing. Great channel parts brings cleaner water. Add wellspring impact to bowl tap, children would be cheerful arriving at hands under bubble splash
Omnidirectional Pivot : The enormous point turn makes the 1080 ° fixture connector simple to wash face and eyes. With 1080° all-round pivot and a removable aerator and eyewash, it can arrive at each edge of your sink effortlessly.
Simple Establishment In somewhere around 5 Minutes : No pipes experience required The revolution fixture extender is viable with most washroom, kitchen and clothing sink spigots. The rotatable fixture extender fit for 3 different plan string, Male 15/16″- 27T, Female 55/64″- 27T and Female G1/2 string spigot.

Key Features:

What’s In The Box:

  • 2x 1080° Faucet Aerator Rotatable Multi-Functional Extension Faucet


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